Running Blog: The State of the Union Take 7

If you need the rules...

7:52 - I know this is long before the debate begins. But I'm watching the Newshour with Jim Lehrer on PBS and they've got this segment running where they sit down with about 12 people from Jersey and talk to them about the primaries in a round-table discussion. I'm here to report to you the problem with America: Americans.

Of the 12 people, there were two who showed some shred of neurological activity. The most vocal of the brain dead segment was a medical equipment salesman who argued, earnestly, for a president who would not show pragmatism when confronting the health insurance coverage for Americans and let the free market decide how it should shake out. Well, I'm glad at least he concedes that he's in the debate solely for his own coin and that the free market will make health insurance coverage about as simple as a 24x24x24 Rubik's Cube.

Then there was the Arab-American who wanted to vote for Mike Huckabee... I can't even touch that.

The two people who seemed somewhat aware of the world around them and the context they occupied were:

1) An "independent" security guard who conceded he did not have enough information on the candidates to decide who he thought would provide the best health care coverage and looked like he wouldn't make it to the election thanks to his poor health care coverage anyway.

2) A woman who ran a "health center" (I don't know what that is) who wanted universal coverage because she couldn't run her business if she had to keep providing health care coverage.

Anyway, the point is, Americans are idiots. I hope we have a recession, Romney gets elected, and this place ends up in the trash can. You all deserve it. A people couldn't be so ignorant if they tried. More to come when the speech starts.

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