Bucks For Barack

Dear Fellow Obama Supporter;

In January 2008 Barack Obama’s campaign padded its accounts with $32 million in 31 days. Since last night it added another $4.25 million worth of cushioning. Today Hillary Clinton responded with a $5 million infusion of her own cash.

In the past, I choked down numbers like this alongside the numbers that matter; our vote tallies. But with Barack Obama I find those coffer totals palatable. Why? Because of that $32 million haul, 90% of it came from donations of $100 or less. Some of it came from me. Some of it might have come from you.

A candidate needs vast sums of money to run a campaign. That’s a fact I’m not happy with. However, given the promise I see in Barack Obama and the precarious state of our nation, I have convinced myself that, despite my personal misgivings, this year I can ill afford not to back up my ballot with my bucks. The fact that so many others like me who support Senator Obama have made their own donations – whatever they can, whenever they can – encourages me.

Senator Obama offers the promise of a rejuvenated nation and a more transparent, more egalitarian mechanism by which his campaign is funded.

Words have spilled for 24 hours now on the subject of these latest two intertwined sets of numbers; votes and funds. Those words tend to blur the image of the primary further, not sharpen our focus where it is needed.

What is clear is the need for the spirit of John Kennedy’s words from almost 50 years ago to propel our generation – the internet generation – this candidate, and this country out of the morass of stagnant political intellectualism that has lingered across America since the Vietnam War. We have seen the damage standing still can do in seven years of George Bush and his fellow Neocons.

I ask you to help reach your college’s fundraising goal of $5,000 by giving what you can, when you can. Our money will speak as loud as our votes, and no number of baby boomers stuck in the ways of yesterday will repress our emergence as the most powerful vote in American politics.

“The world is changing. The old ways will not do… It is time for a new generation of leadership.”


-A Volunteer
Students For Barack Obama

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