Obama vs. Clinton - Take 20

A big red faced man who asks loud questions and the Mitt Romney of journalism - well, Brian Williams, looks like a news anchor, so he must be one - will pepper Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with off-point, ill-formed, sensational-ish questions in 40 minutes. Who will win? Certainly not intellectual political discourse.

Stay Tuned - T-minus 38 minutes

Brian Williams: Blue tie, red diagonal stripes, up from the left to right.

Tim Russert: Blue tie, closer, thinner, white stripes, down from left to right.

906 p.m.: Hillary keeps harping this line about Obama's health care plan not covering everyone and her's will. Not true. See the recent NY Times article.

909: We get it. Hillary likes health care. Move on.

911: Everyone stands for universal health care and no one is accurate. The debate on this issue is pointless until you have it with Republicans in congress.

914: I think Barack is happy to have this debate. It's too abstract to latch onto for the audience. They're not going to care until a plan is on the floor from an actual president, not a candidate. As long as he keeps bobbing and weaving this shit, Hillary's just taking up airtime.

916: I don't know if he's right, but nice hit on that Medicare Part B point. Hillary's just digging a hole now.

918: WHAT???!??! Saturday Night Live? What is she talking about? That was a hell of a flop. As Grandpa Simpson says, "Ohhh, bitch, bitch, bitch."

922: Obama seems to be speaking above a debate with Clinton, his aim is just America. Her's is Obama. He's treating her like a bit of an afterthought or distraction.

925: I'm not one of these Clinton haters and I don't like to see how Russert is treating her. She's made some big mistakes, but the Clinton's were a huge coup for this country in the nineties and paved the way for someone like Obama to be where he is. I really think it's despicable how the media handles her these days. The bro says Big-Dog-Bill is biting through his steel chain to get back in the Rose Garden, and has fucked her over. I dunno. This shit's just shameful. Gore's not their fault, Bush isn't their fault, and NAFTA wasn't Clinton's fault.

935: The more Obama plays close to Clinton, the more absurd he makes her attacks look. It's like wrapping up the other boxer - nowhere to land a punch.

938: Most military experts agree with Obama that we should strike Pakistan if we have actionable intelligence against Al Qaeda and Pakistan refuses to do so. They just don't agree you should announce it in a speech...

939: "If he is the nominee, as he appears to be..." Whoa.

943: I like that MSNBC tells the audience to be quiet and not clap or anything as opposed to CNN which treats its debates like an episode of Jerry Springer. Wolf Blitzer and every other person on CNN should be dropped in the middle of Fallujah and left for dead.

944: Agreed, Hillary, Russert asks only hypotheticals. And they're stupid. See his Meet The Press with Ron Paul over Iran invading Israel, hypothetically.

954: "Points for humor." He's so fucking good. No room to maneuver for Hillary.

1000: Obama got a little laugh, first one.

1004: Everything's an absolute with Russert. His mind is so simple. No shades of gray. Who cares if Obama doesn't use public financing, his money comes from $20 donations. Fuck off Russert.

1008: Who fucking cares about Farakhan??? No one asked McCain about Falwell. Shut the fuck up, Russert.

1009: Someone needs to cut out Russert's vocal chords. Who gives a shit about this 9-step removed Farakhan, Jeremiah Wright bullshit.

1015: "If Hillary thinks that denounce is a stronger word than reject then I concede the point. I'm willing to reject and denounce [Farakhan's support]." Holy Shit. That sure backfired in Hillary's face. Audience clapter. Cut to commercial. Barack 1, Hillary 0.

1023: "Mevdevevdev" Cheap shot, Russert, but Hillary looked bad. Obama should have had more to say about him, though.

1028: "I knew better." God that's refreshing. Thanks, Barack.

1029: Barack's pulling that George Stephanopolous line from the war room, "tomorrow, we're gonna win. and thats going to mean that people are going to have a bit better jobs, they'll pay a little less for college, and theyll have a little better health care."

1033: Hillary's held back every chance she had an opportunity to prop up herself and seriously damage the party. She doesn't have it in her to win at any cost - she doesn't want to bring down the Democratic Party. Bill, maybe - I love him anyway and I'm glad it's not up to him. But she's held back and Barack has held back when he gets Brian Williams pathetic handouts. She didn't land any of the blows she needed to to swing this back around, and Barack deferred to graciousness when he could have landed hooks and upper-cuts. The best debate by far. Barack by a hair. He wraps it up next Tuesday. The Democratic Party survives. Maybe, next year, we pay a little less for healthcare, get a bit better education, and have a little better jobs.

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