Port of Miami

Some photos from the annual Spring Break Miami trip. Spring Break is the only religious holiday I observe.How was the beach weather in New York City this past March weekend? Oh yeah? You got hypothermia and almost died swimming off Far Rockaway? Not in Miami, man. Evy be swimmin' e'ryday.

Evy making faces.

Mom, Dad, Evy, Miami Beach.

Evy and Baby Jo-Jo. Is that spelling right? Or is there an "e" or two I'm missing in there... Baby names are so hard to spell.

Evy's new soccer jersey, straight from the streets of Hanoi on Uncle Alex's voyages. Baby Jo-Jo got a Zippo lighter with this engraved on it: "Live like a dog, work like an ass, fuck like a mink, die like a rat."

Word. Miami.

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