You Don't Know Juno!?

After WFMU’s Tom Scharpling dressed me down on-air for potentially liking the movie Juno (I hadn’t seen it yet but said I’d consider watching it) I finally saw it last night. I decided that even though I didn’t know anything about the movie at the time and hadn’t yet seen it, I deserved The Scharpling Best-Show-Bitch-Slap.

Juno would have made sense if it came out somewhere in the 1994 – 1997 range (like when the adjacent Time Magazine article came out). But a 2007 film about the angst of a 16-year old kid who gets pregnant and gives it up for adoption? Yawn. You could have watched that movie every day of your life as a social worker in Baltimore 20 years ago and it would have been more dramatic (less funny, though). This speaks to the allure of Juno; why did all those people watch it and the New York Times Magazine drool on it? Because it was about a cute little white girl amongst the evening breezes of Any-Town USA. How precious.

Put a black girl from Brownsville in that movie and it's a no-go.

The more interesting story shoved aside in Juno is between Vanessa (Jennifer Garner), a yuppie sell-out upon whom God has, presumably, exacted revenge for her lame ways by making her infertile, and her classic American I-don’t-wanna-be-a-dad-I-still-wanna-be-a-rock-star-but-I’m-36 husband Mark (Jason Bateman).
Mark and Vanessa’s relationship would have offered a more interesting and relevant story-line about the (nod to the knowing) arrested development that seems to plague many an American male these days.

There’s also the matter of the awkward attempt to capture American-teen-talk. “Swear to blog!?” It is rampant through the first, oh, nine minutes of the film and then Cody Diablo (stripper turned bad scriptwriter) must have exhausted a meagre Thesaurus of the Retarded American Teen.

Juno’s kind of funny, sometimes, I guess. But hardly worth it for that. Why did it get all this attention? Maybe there were a lot of producers that owed Diablo money from the old days.


jason said...

at least you didnt get gomp'd tonight when you brought up juno, just rather unceremoniously hung up on

Ol Mucky said...

i think would have preferred a gomping