MSNBC Election Coverage - Olbermann = Mega-Suck

I'm with Gawker on this: Phil Griffin is a gutless slug and the only thing MSNBC has going for it is the Matthews-Olbermann-Maddow trifecta with the occasional Scarborough darkhorse quip. I mean, David Gregory? Come on!

Gawker calls Gregory "the guy who became famous for abusing Bush spokespeople," but that's a crock. He's a shitty journalist and he asked stupid questions to those spokespeople. You want to see how you abuse Bush's spokespeople? Watch Jeremy Paxman intellectu-ass-whip candidate for Dipshit of the Decade, former UN Ambassador, John Bolton, on Newsnight. Coronary country.

I had an enounter with Gregory in October of '03 when I was studying abroad in London. I was at Trafalgar Square the day of Bush's first visit to the UK and there were huge protests, something like 200,000 people. About 8pm I see the NBC news-crew making its way towards me and David Gregory's 6' 5" silver -do sticking out above all the Brits. I end up standing next to him and he says, "Hey, what's going on here, what's the story, I just got in," like I'm his press attache and he's been searching for me the whole time to get the scoop. What the fuck is he asking me for? I just drank a 2 liter bottle of Strongbow Cider. I am ill-equipped to answer this, or any other, question, and, in addition, a) you're the million-dollar a year "journalist," b) you're 6' 5" and you can see over everyone. You tell ME what's going on, buck-o!

Anyway, get rid of Gregory. Olbermann or bust. We don't need another Blitzer-styled starch-injection. Thanks, but no thanks, NBC. You guys suck.

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